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Think that competitive ping-pong is boring and stationary? You’ll get an argument from Daryl Sterling of Mira Mesa. “It’s insanely hard,” says Sterling, a top contender to represent the USA later this summer in London at the Paralympic Games. It will be the culmination of a journey that began when he was 8 and lost the lower part of his right leg when a car smashed into it. It limited his athletic options. Or so he thought. “I mostly played video games when I was a teenager,” says Sterling, who is the head of software engineering at Conte Di Savoia, a Gaslamp-based Web development company. Things changed when he moved to San Diego from L.A. to attend UCSD. “The game room had a ping-pong table and my friends sort of moved towards that and away from the video games,” he says. “At first, I just wanted to beat them, but then I saw that this was something I could do where I could compete equally with people. To be honest, all those video games helped my hand-eye coordination.” Sterling, 34, will find out if he makes the American team in March. “What we do at the competitive level compared to what most people play in the basement is like the difference between pro basketball and playing pick-up games at the playground. “There’s a lot of technique—and deception, too: making the ball look like it’s going one way instead of the other.”  // David Moye

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